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Your information technology architecture is the blueprint of your company's infrastructure. Ensuring it meets your current and future needs requires more than buying "hardware and software". As an organization you need to determine what you HAVE and what you NEED based on your current and future business needs.

i-Buildsm offers your organization the capability to analyze and document your existing infrastructure. We will then align these findings with your business needs and come up with recommendations and designs to help you meet your Business objectives.

i-Buildsm is a modular approach to Infrastructure architecture and engineering. It offers you several options to choose from, without compromising the quality of your overall business objectives.

The i-Buildsm product suite will help your business generate a blueprint for higher network availability, and productivity that translates directly to increased customer satisfaction and confidence in your daily service offerings. We will build customer-defined networks precisely tailored to every customer's business needs.

Our team of industry-leading experts will deliver these services to you within the required timeline.

i-Buildsm consists of the following products:
  • BuildArcsm
  • Buildwaresm
  • BuildITsm

BuildArcsm is the Assessment, Architecture and Design module.

It usually involves the initial assessment of your network infrastructure to determine what you have presently and what you will need to deploy new technologies, or re-engineer your existing infrastructure. This way you can stay abreast of your competition by improving on services you offer to your customers.

A very good example of this is planning to deploy an IP telephony or Wireless Infrastructure on your existing network. A proper initial assessment is required to develop a blueprint that will allow the proper deployment of these new technologies.

These results are documented and translated into a comprehensive design using standardized, proven architecture patterns and adhering to Industry best practices.

This service is available to you as a stand-alone option or as part of the BuildArcsm bundle

Buildwaresm is the Solution implementation module.

This is where the actual implementation of the architecture and design takes place. We will install all necessary hardware and software platforms that were recommended in the initial assessment and design phase.

Staging, Testing and Proof-of-concepts are performed on all hardware and software that will be deployed in production to ensure they meet our stringent burn-in specifications.

This service is available to you as a stand-alone option or as part of the i-Buildsm bundle.

BuildITsm is the Support and Management module.

This service offers your organization the capability to proactively manage potential network issues before they impact your business.

We will assess performance, capacity, and reliability of your entire infrastructure to baseline availability and reliability. The results of these capacity and performance assessments will be used as a baseline to monitor and manage your business-critical components to ensure the greatest availability.

Managing your network devices will be done on a 24x7x365 basis by our experienced Engineers.

This service is available to you as a stand-alone option or as part of the i-Buildsm bundle.
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