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Make your business more productive. Taking less time to do work saves money. It also leaves more time for generating new revenue. Managing your Network/Security infrastructure for you leaves you with more time to generate new revenue.

i-Managesm lets us actively manage, monitor, and assume responsibility for your network to ensure that it is reliable, available, and efficient.

i-Managesm takes the worry out of running your Network/Security infrastructure so you can focus resources on running your core business. We will become your single point of contact for managing all or some of the various components of your infrastructure.

i-Managesm is a powerful suite of services that offers our customers the most advanced IT capabilities while helping to free up their resources for more strategic tasks within their organizations.

We have developed these services with cost, efficiency, security, and availability in mind.

Lowered operating costs and better management of in-house resources and personnel are some of the tremendous benefits of i-Managesm.

The i-Managesm suite of protocols consists of:
  • Managewaresm
  • ManageSecsm
  • ManageNetsm

Managewaresm is a service that tracks availability and performance of your various systems components in real-time. Tracking these parameters allows for improved levels of service translating to more satisfied customers.

With Managewaresm you can proactively identify and resolve issues before your business and customers are severely impacted. Our expert engineers monitor your systems on a 24x7x365 basis and notify you by your preferred method (phone, email, or pager) when we detect an alarm.

ManageSecsm offers a complete security solution that effectively protects your business assets from daily threats. Access to greater security expertise, real-time monitoring and support, are part of the ManageSecsm advantage. Whether it's a single device or your entire security infrastructure that we manage, ManageSecsm improves the overall security of your business components.

ManageSecsm focuses mainly on managing firewalls, vulnerabilities, and intrusion detection.

ManageNetsm is a complete solution designed to manage your entire WAN infrastructure. For the most part ISPs often fail to fulfill bandwidth commitments made to their customers. With ManageNetsm you can monitor your WAN bandwidth utilization, ensuring you get the bandwidth you paid for.

Most businesses realize tremendous savings in overall operating costs from paybacks on missed Service Level Agreements by ISPs.

Reports are generated on a weekly basis advising you of "spikes" and "dips" in your WAN traffic. All your edge devices are monitored by our team of skilled engineers.
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