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i-Securesm provides scalable and modular security products to serve a large and diverse set of enterprises that include the most risk-averse organizations in the world. i-Securesm products offerings will ensure your IT network stay multiple steps ahead of hackers, viruses and other threats to your company's most important asset - its corporate data. These scalable and cost effective offering includes various products:
  • SecurAuditsm
  • SecurBuildsm
  • SecurManagesm

SecurAuditsm products provide two main advantages for the enterprise:
  • Determination of the security level of your IT infrastructure
  • Recommendation of policies, technical and procedure changes to improve your security.
SecurAuditsm products offering will reveal present and potential security problems in your IT infrastructure that can lead to information espionage, unlawful data trespassing, attack and viruses on servers, and customer personal information getting in the wrong hands. Above all, SecurAuditsm will recommend solutions to address these problems if they exist on your IT-network.

SecurBuildsm is a scalable consulting product that will implement security on your IT network. SecurBuildsm security solutions are cost effective and customized to mitigate risk specific to your enterprise. SecurBuildsm will provide wholistic security solutions that are commensurate with the value of your assets and its exposure.

SecurManagesm services provide cost-effective 24X7 security monitoring solutions to your protect information assets against unauthorized access, theft, malicious attack, and other security-related threats. SecurManagesm offer the following benefits to your enterprise:
  • Improved security posture via 24X7X365 proactive monitoring
  • Assistance maintaining regulatory security compliance
  • Reduction in Server/network downtime and disruption
  • Reduced operation costs associated with security monitoring and device management.
  • Rapid response to security-related incidents
  • In-depth security recommendations
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of securing critical data, systems and networks.
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