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In Today's businesses, a lot rides on the networks. Networks of the past have evolved to complex systems to support new business paradigms. New network technologies appear every day and for most IT departments, it is nearly impossible to keep up with these advancements. But the business doesn't wait. You must effectively leverage new technologies to sustain a competitive advantage and to evolve your business through mergers and acquisitions. You have to support the business needs of today while anticipating the needs of tomorrow. You also need to focus on your broader challenges of running a profitable and competitive business.

No easy task. Even the most astute IT executive may not be able to balance the investments in network technology with operational excellence and financial realities that will ensure the network successfully supports its business. This need a well thought out strategic plan and razor sharp focus on execution.

i-Strategysm offers our customers a well-designed plan and technology roadmap that will help maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) and also lower your overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The i-Strategysm product offering is design to relieve the technology burden on your Management personnel. Alignment of technology plan and projects with business objectives is one of the benefits of i-Strategysm.

The i-Strategysm suite of protocols includes:
  • StrategyMergesm
  • StrategySecsm
  • StrategyNetsm

StrategyMergesm is a product that designs, plans and integrates disparate network and security infrastructures of enterprises going through mergers and acquisitions. The product creates a cost effective roadmap of technology plan to meet the immediate and future business requirement of merging enterprises.

With StrategyMergesm we proactively identify and resolve issues related to integration of network and security infrastructure of your merging enterprise before business and customers are severely impacted. Our expert engineers will work with you from the initial planning phase to the completion of the merging process.

StrategySecsm provides justifiable and cost effective security design, process and policies to mitigate risk in your enterprise. In this rapidly changing security environment, StrategySecsm will ensure that your security solutions and plan does not sink your MBA.

Some of the benefits of StrategySecsm include:
  • Business case justification of Security solutions to upper management
  • Concise security policies, plan, procedure and design tailored to your enterprise
  • Risk analysis to determine the importance of security exposure to your bottom line
  • Roadmap for compliance with regulatory stipulations
  • Security incident response plan

StrategyNetsm products develop roadmap, standard and procedure for your enterprise so that it can take advantage of changing network technologies solutions to improve your gross profit and competitive advantage.

Some of the deliverables of StrategyNetsm includes:
  • Network audit and documentation to determine potential problems
  • Policies and procedure to maximize business value of your network
  • 5yrs roadmap network plan and design tailored to your enterprise
  • Economic justification of Network project to upper management
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