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Business Case
iPartners® provides comprehensive security managed services for small businesses to large corporations.

A business organization's productivity depends on the integrity and availability of its Information assets. Managing the integrity and availability of these assets continues to be a business challenge for small, medium, and large corporations.

iPartners® Security Managed Services will provide businesses with cost effective security solutions that will ensure all information assets are protected from today's known attacks and future attacks. Businesses can leverage expensive security tools and hard-to-find security expertise available to iPartners®. This managed security model will also allow In-house network support personnel to focus on other Business continuity areas.

Our Security Experts will monitor all managed devices, track vulnerability threats, and defend against attacks by patching systems, performing forensics and responding to intrusions on a 24x7x365 basis.

Features and Benefits
  1. High-level weekly reports of security status of the Infrastructure
  2. Frequent security vulnerability updates
  3. 24x7x365 Intrusion protection services
  4. Comprehensive monthly reports identifying published and non-published exploits
  5. Monthly penetration testing services


Business Case
Competitive business needs and new customer requirements always need just a little bit more than your current security capabilities can handle. Company communication patterns change, employees relocate and equipment become obsolete.

A proper balance of security safeguards and values of information assets need to be continuously maintained by organizations. Thorough security assessments provide snapshots of an organization's security posture in relation to its security policy and the value of its information assets.

iPartners® Security Assessment Services will present an organization with a review of its security safeguards in relation to its security policies. An accurate, detailed assessment of an organization's current security status will go a long way in mitigating risks to mission critical applications and components.

iPartners® Security experts are highly skilled in translating statistical data into real security solutions. Our Security Assessment Service provides personal consulting and a comprehensive report on our findings.

Features and Benefits
  1. High level review of security policy in relation to the value of information assets
  2. Review of security safeguards
  3. Penetration testing to determine internal and external security vulnerabilities
  4. Cost/Benefit ratio analysis
  5. Detailed assessment and recommendations report
  6. Roadmap to mitigate security vulnerabilities and threats
  7. Staff interview to evaluate current state of Information security program


Business Case
Most businesses choose convenience over security. The challenge for business units is always how to balance the conflicting needs of security with those of convenience.

Most organizations make the initial security investments by buying recommended hardware and software, and employing qualified security personnel.

Unfortunately this is never enough as Information security is an ever-evolving process that requires active participation from Upper management, IT personnel, and non-IT personnel.

iPartners® Enterprise security solutions will assist customers with the complex task of establishing security programs necessary to manage the flow and protection of its information assets. iPartners® will identify these assets and determine how they support the primary business functions of the organization.

iPartners® Security experts will use our tested phased approach to create the appropriate level of security for the customer.

Phase 1 - Assess, Audit and plan
This phase usually involves reviewing the business requirements of the organization, and documenting what services/applications should be accessible, running, and enabled.

Phase 2 - Implement
This phase involves applying necessary patches to systems and applications, Code upgrades, and disabling unnecessary ports and services

Phase 3 - Manage & Monitor
This phase involves "proactively" and "reactively" managing and monitoring threats, vulnerabilities, and anomalous traffic patterns.

Features and Benefits
  1. Architecture & Design of Intelligent Security Infrastructure
  2. In-depth solution to defend mission-critical systems and applications
  3. Security Architecture integration and support
  4. Protection of Information assets from known threats and day-zero threats
  5. Lower customer's total cost of ownership
  6. Quick assessment, diagnosis, and resolution of security related issues


Business Case
Businesses lose money when existing networks don't hold up, so IT teams scramble to avoid poor network performance and downtime.

Enterprise networks consist of complex and diverse systems, and the expertise and resources to keep it running effectively is a huge responsibility for IT managers.

iPartners® offers effective network management solutions. At iPartners® we focus on understanding your business and network goals and then use this to create a blueprint for complete network managed services.

iPartners® network managed services provides comprehensive network management solutions that leverage iPartners® technical expertise for Network Discovery, Network Design & Implementation, Problem isolation & resolution, Configuration, Change Management, Installation, Proactive monitoring, and Performance reporting.

A solid network architecture/design by our Internetwork Architects will ensure scalability of the network for heterogeneous platforms.

Our Network experts will manage design, implement and support the network on a 24x7x365 basis.

Features and benefits
  1. Identification and resolution of routing, switching, and potential security issues
  2. Proactive network monitoring and management
  3. Secure remote access from Network Operations Center (NOC)
  4. Automated management and reporting tools
  5. Encrypted management traffic for data integrity and authenticity
  6. Customized comprehensive network management solutions


Business Case
Your business relies on your network, your network is information, and people need access to this information. Today's access isn't limited to those in your building or even those who work for your company; its availability must transcend both location and geography. Complexity increases when the prospect of voice, data, and video convergence is thrown in the mix.

iPartners® has extensive experience across a wide spectrum of business, technologies, networking equipment and service-provider offerings.

This ensures you receive a comprehensive Internetwork design optimized for today's requirements and scalable for tomorrow's challenges.

iPartners® Internetwork Architecture services provide an extensive investigation of current network environment requirements, and translate these to high quality solutions that address the customer's business requirements.

Our Internetwork Architects are technology and solution focused experts who create great client confidence and intimacy with their technical expertise.

Features and benefits
  1. Backbone Architecture
  2. Traffic Engineering and Analysis
  3. Capacity Planning
  4. IP Convergence
  5. Performance analysis and application testing
  6. Emerging technology reviews & recommendations
  7. Internet routing and Architecture


Business case
Now more than ever, today's businesses rely heavily on technology to stay competitive or even get ahead of the game. IP convergence leverages the existing data infrastructure for data, voice, and fax services on a converged infrastructure.

IP Telephony allows you to transport telephone calls over your existing data infrastructure, using traditional telephony devices, dedicated terminals or IP phones.

The major benefits of IP Telephony are the significant cost savings and ease of implementation of innovative services.

iPartners® will help you maximize your networking investment by providing you with high quality voice communications that can seamlessly connect your entire enterprise.

We will provide you with the flexibility and expertise needed to transition from a traditional PBX based telephony infrastructure to a fully functional, cost-saving IP based Telephony solution. We will design, deploy, and manage the solution that's right for you.

Features and Benefits
  1. Optimum use of existing data infrastructure
  2. Supports your calling needs with a rich set of voice features
  3. Easy interoperability with existing traditional PBXs
  4. Enhanced Voice quality
  5. Flexibility of deploying advanced features enterprise-wide
  6. Software based feature-sets that allow for easy scalability


Business Case
Current business environment must be able to leverage technologies to remain competitive. Employee, partners and client must have ready access to business data.

This instant access to data requires anytime and anywhere connection to business applications and network infrastructure. This is the promise of an efficient Wireless network infrastructure. The benefit of Wireless Network infrastructure comes with significant security exposures. The Challenges for organization is to implement Wireless infrastructure that will provide both seamless and secure access to organization data.

iPartners® Wireless Solution offering provide organization with secure anytime and anywhere access to network resources. Our Wireless Expert will not only ensure readily access to resources but will also ensure secure access to the resources.

Features and Benefits
  1. Improved employee productivity
  2. Reduced cost of installation compared to traditional Wired infrastructure
  3. Allow for ease of network expansion
  4. Convenient information access
  5. Increased access to critical network resources


Business case
Organizations require total and flexible information technology strategy that is aligned with business goals to remain competitive in today's businesses environment.

Businesses need to leverage the convergence of various complex telecommunications and advance technology services to maintain their competitive edge. The iteration of the various technologies presents unique challenges for small, medium and enterprise entities.

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are not only being tasked to demonstrate a strategic vision, but to also articulate the plan and justify major investments in technologies solutions.

iPartners® IT Strategic Services take these challenges from the enterprise. Our strategic experts will design technology strategies and roadmap tailored to your organization.

The result of this engagement is a clear roadmap of strategic technology initiatives and their overall effect in lowering the total cost of operations.

Features and Benefits
  1. Business case analysis
  2. Strategic roadmaps
  3. Network Strategies
  4. Security Strategies
  5. Voice Strategies
  6. Sourcing Strategy and Guidance
  7. Process Development
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